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On Time: Do you know what project timing is?

Every project has a different timeline. Let's take a look at a bathroom remodel. The scheduling is tricky. A lot people do not understand that about twenty five people will work on this one project. Demo, prep, electrician, plumber. sheetrocker, taper, finisher, painter, carpenter, you see where I'm going with this. It takes and army to complete your project.

Do relize, that if one of the trades does not follow the schedule, the whole thing is tailed spinned.

Tip #1 - Always layout the schedule.

If one of the trades can not make it, be on top of it. Reschedule right away. don't what. The rule of thumb, one day off schedule is equal to three. Yes, I did say three.

Tip #2 - Keep in touch.

Phone calls, texts and or emails. Communication is the key to keeping the job going.

I hope this short tip will help you understand all scheduling and the way construction of a project works.

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